My name is David Sawers. This web site contains several fairly extensive family trees. All of them are interlinked and show my extended family tree back, in some cases, as far as the middle of the 17th century. On the trees themselves, underlined links in green should pop up a window of extra information when you put the mouse over the link. Clicking on underlined links in blue opens a new window of subsidiary information (some with photos). Clicking on underlined links in red jumps to one of the related family trees.
I don't claim any credit for doing the basic research and as such I do not make any claims for its accuracy. Where possible, I have extended and brought up to date the information.Where you the viewer have some further information, corrections, photographs or documents, that may be suitable for inclusion, please e-mail me at
Sawers is a fairly unusual surname that seems to have originated in Scotland. Most families now bearing this name can be traced back to their Scottish roots. There are for example 60 immigrants bearing the surname Sawers on the roll at Ellis Island, New York. Virtually all these came from Scotland. One of the earliest registered was a Robert Sawers who arrived on the "State of California" from Glasgow on August 30th 1892. Whether this was one of the many Robert's in my ancestry or not I don't know.