Yates Family Tree

The Yates family tree (that of my maternal grandmother) is the least well researched tree in this collection. It is almost completely devoid of dates and contains several links that are unclear. I worked from my grandmothers original notes which also weren't particularly clear. The lack of dates is probably due to her familiarity with her own family history.

Recently, I have been in touch with David Anthony Hawksley Yates, grandson of George Herbert Yates. George Herbert was the Brother of Harold Hawksley Yates who was my great grandfather. David has confirmed that the link to Sir Robert Peel in the Yates family has not been proven although it is as much a family legend in his branch of the family as it is in ours! I have taken information from David's family tree to enhance and correct the information here. Interestingly, for me, David's tree contains the link to the Brockington's and also the Burge's. I often wondered where they fitted into the extended family.

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